Jill Bagnall, Fusing Ideas Glass





Chicanery - 3D freestanding glass 2 piece by Jill Bagnall.

Arazzo Rosso - large glass dish by Jill Bagnall

Reactions Bowl - small glass bowl by Jill Bagnall


Jill's mission is to create stunning and affordable glass art, sometimes with function, sometimes purely visual.
And importantly, to facilitate others to create with glass through creative workshops.

Her vision is developing a unique combination of techniques, colours and the unique properties of glass to form work that reflects the colour and abstract geometry she loves.
Jill also likes to surprise; experimenting with unexpected combinations.


Inspiration comes from everywhere, from every interaction; with people, places, art, culture!

A closet scientist, Jill loves physics and maths and revels in the technical facets of her craft. She notices the elegance of geometry and balance, of symmetry & asymmetry; seen all around in both the natural and the built environment. Shape, pattern and colour combinations are everywhere.

Her journey includes 10 years in garden design, combining plants for colour as well as form and these are the two keywords underpinning the glass she now creates.


Jill's media is kiln-formed glass, predominantly the fusing processes.
She works mainly with high quality, sheet art glass, available in gorgeous opaque & transparent colours. New shades and tones are created by overlaying during fusing.

Glass fusing is essentially a 2D process, creating flat artwork that can be manipulated to 3D with further heatwork in the kiln (slumping). These shapes can by controlled precisely by using moulds or by allowing gravity to act on malleable (warm) glass.
Jill has two definites on her 'glass to do' list; work more with freestyle, home-made moulds and develop vitrigraph skills.


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Stefan Hanegraaf, David Fawbert, Theodora Philcox and Cat Hamilton.
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