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'A New Years Walk' Mounted Print

'In the Wild Garden' Framed Print

Greeting Cards, various designs


I aim to capture the essence and joy of nature. Celebrate and share my moments of elation. Bring a smile to people's faces. I have wonderful conversations with visitors at events about shared special places, or them being reminded of their special places. This mutual connection with others drives me forward and influenced my work’s direction.

My plan from the start was about selling prints of my original designs. The original designs being but a means to an end. It was about making something affordable and easy to share, not something too precious and exclusive. I also didn’t want my work to be about following a trend or latest fad. I wanted something timeless, something of the ethereal. I site William Morris designs as the epitome.

Going forward I aim to broaden my reach to more people and apply my designs to everyday objects, like mugs and tea towels.


Though my style and medium have changed over the years my inspiration has always come from nature. I particularly delight in colour and how it interplays in nature and on the page. I work from photographs taken from my garden window or while out and about on frequent jaunts into the countryside. Mostly in England, vary occasionally Scotland.

I have a great love of our indigenous flora and fauna. My garden is alive with wildlife and planted predominantly with native, wildlife friendly, plants. My motorhome also enables me to frequently explore a variety of different environments. From riotous colourful Warwickshire flowerbeds, to wild Norfolk riversides, to gentle Scottish woodlands.

A love of gardening also led me to volunteering for the National Trust at the Arts & Crafts Stoneywell Cottage for some years. Many photos were taken, and a number have directly inspired my work.


I start with a line drawing on Bristol Board using a fine black pen. Introducing the simple beauty of line gives form and somewhere for the colour to come alive. Colour is then introduced, using pro-marker pens (for their luminosity). Applying multiple layers to create tonal depth and colour mix, with occasionally touches of gouache, pencil or Indian ink.

Completed designs are individually scanned and calibrated for both paper and cards stock. Framed and mounted prints are produced onto Bockingford Watercolour Paper, using ChromeLife 100+ ink. Making individual digital prints in-house is integral to my creative process. They are not a direct reproduction of the original design made on paper. The prints take on a life of their own, most particularly as the paper on which they are printed increases the depth of colour.


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All pictures gratefully reproduced by permission from Linda Scannell, 
Stefan Hanegraaf, David Fawbert, Theodora Philcox and Cat Hamilton.
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