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It's all about the imagination! I want to tap into the very thing we all have loads of (whether you think you have it or not) by creating detailed "stories-without-words" which are told differently by each individual looking at the art.

We all interpret and see things differently and I love to create images which tell a story unique to every person. Children particularly have very eager imaginations and it is always exciting to hear what story they have come up with for the same image - this is what I do it for.


I have been inspired by the diverse and rich worlds created by the likes of Terry Brooks' Four Lands, C S Lewis' Narnia and Tolkien's Middle Earth, to name but a few. The words of these authors conjure up amazing worlds and environments which I all-too-easily easily lose myself in and this has certainly influenced my art which is a visual equivalent ... it comes back to the spark which ignites the imagination from which endless tales, adventures and worlds are born.

Therefore I like to put these to paper and let others do the story telling ...


I use graphite pencil, Caran d'Ache colour pencils, fine ink pens and, sometimes for tiny detail, Kuretaka brush pens. I use Bristol Board paper mostly, though not exclusively, because it has great results for the medium I use and is easy to draw onto.

I used to ink straight to paper then add the colour (if necessary) but my art is increasingly complex so now I pencil the work in first to allow for changes, errors, design changes and so on. Once satisfied, I redraw it using ink before colouring it in (which can add a significant amount of hours because of the technique I use).