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Emma O'Brien

Emma O'Brien



Ali Perry

Ali Perry


Emma O'Brien describes herself as an Illustrator and maker of monsters. She enjoys telling stories through her artwork- mapping her life and those around her through drawings and creating monsters to sit alongside those illustrations.

Ali's vision is to create unique, contemporary lampwork glass, gemstone and silver pieces that celebrate colour. She designs jewellery for women who are looking for one-of-a-kind, handmade treasures. It is her mission to inspire her customers to get excited by colour and to find pieces that compliment their personal style and make them feel beautiful and special.


Emma O'Brien is inspired by her love of outdoor swimming and the people she meets along the way. Her monsters are accompanied by an illustrated story card that describes what makes them naughty.- Often doing things that Emma and her sister may have done when they were little, such as flushing things down the toilet..

Ali's work is inspired by art and photographs, the colour in nature, and sometimes boos or music that paint particularly vivd visual pictures. She loves to find new colour combinations and strives to recreate them in her glass beads and finished jewellery pieces; the gemstones, pearls and the coloured glass rods she uses to make her beads all serve as her paint box.


Emma O'Brien uses faux fur and fleece to make her monsters- each one is uniquely designed and made. She sometimes makes them to look just like a child's drawing (if commissioned to do so) With her illustration, Emma draws inspiration from around her and works in pen and ink and watercolour, she quite often includes a map in her paintings and has been known to add oil pastel as a resist.

Ali is a lampworker and silversmith. She creates beads by melting glass rods in the flame and makes her own sterling silver components including rings, clasps, pins and hooks. She loves to blend these handmade elements with a rainbow of beautiful, natural gemstones and pearls, using a combination of silversmithing, wire-wrapping and stringing techniques to create her one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces.