Ellie Joy Ceramics






Brushstrokes mug featuring a pink handle

Blue teapot, featuring a hand turned knob and hand laminated handle

A collection featuring my teapot, jug and pots


I aim to create vibrant and fun handmade Ceramics. Using the slipcast technique, I create functional tableware, home wares, lighting, personalised accessories and jewellery. My mission is to create pieces that fit perfectly into any home, but also stand out as a special and unique piece for the customer.


I am hugely inspired by ceramicists such as Tom Kemp and Sue Pryke. The bold shape of my pieces- the stepped silhouette in contrast to the soft rounded handles- is inspired by Brutalist architecture. In juxtaposition to this, my mark making and surface pattern is inspired by traditional Japanese calligraphy. I use instantaneous brush strokes and the layering of coloured slips to create beautiful functional pieces of art.


I specialise in mould making and slip casting. All of my shapes are turned by me on a plaster lathe which I then make my slipcasting moulds from. I use earthenware clay, which fires white; however some of the clay I stain with blue and pink stains in various percentages to create an ombré colour palette- I am hoping to introduce some new colours into my palette in the new year. All of my pieces are then glazed with a clear glaze.
Some other of my pieces are hand built- including my pinch pot dishes and hanging decorations (both of which I personalise).


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All pictures gratefully reproduced by permission from Linda Scannell, 
Stefan Hanegraaf, David Fawbert, Theodora Philcox and Cat Hamilton.
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