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Glow in the woods

Glow in the woods

Lord Leicester Hospital

Lord Leicester Hospital

The Valley

The Valley


The mission for my artwork is to transport the viewer from their sofa to an imagined landscape or place. Life's responsibilities often restrict your ability to spontaneously visit places. In contrast, a piece of art can transport you to another place in your imagination.


Light. Colour. Nature. Rugged landscapes. Stunning skies. Architecture.

I love looking at the changing light across the fields outside my house. Although looking at the same view, the skies, weather and seasons change the vista. I also love a walk with a good view and am always stopping to take photo's of views which catch my interest and that I can later use for a painting.

I also have an interest in architecture, particularly historic buildings that are pleasing to the eye. I like to imagine what life was like at the time the buildings were built and am drawn to anything that has character, looks rustic or like a picture waiting to be painted!


My favourite medium is acrylic and I have recently found that changing from a paintbrush to a palette knife has added a new dimension of texture and creativity. I also like to experiment with other media on the acrylic base, such as oil pastels etc. I have even been known to use the sewing machine to add the finishing touches to a painting!

I have also been inspired and challenged to work in watercolours after excluding this choice of medium for many years. I love the softness and the blending of colours that can be achieved.

I find that developing different techniques in different mediums gives you the opportunity to act on inspiration and in accordance with your mood.