Art By Dizz - Donna Murphy






'A Beautiful Inner Battle'

'A Beautiful Inner Battle'

The largest piece in still a work in progress. The smaller portrait is called 'Our Generation''

The largest piece in still a work in progress. The smaller portrait is called 'Our Generation''

'Half Full'

'Half Full'


My mission as an artist is to tell peoples stories, recreate memories, capture moments, express movements and display emotions through my mediums. I hope to dance between our anatomy and structure but also the parts that make us human - our desires, expressions and relationships.

My subject will always remain the same. My style however, I switch up on a regular basis. I am often either found deep in the the discipline of hyper-realism or the total freedom of abstract/expressive drawings. I don't seem to settle. Sometimes I am somewhere in between.This has provided me with much freedom to explore myself as an artist.

My goal for AITP specifically is to put on a fabulous display of work, draw portraits of visitors and most definitely make more local art friends.


As a life drawing enthusiast and former athlete with a background in anatomy studies, naturally, my inspiration has always been the human body. Not just its appearance and aesthetics but also how it moves, what it is capable of and how it can tell a story - even in the smallest of movements. I am totally fascinated with the vessels we live in. Beautiful, complex and each so very different. We are all a work of art.

From close ups and portraits, to full body poses, I draw from a range of references. Photographs I have taken, images I have discovered and life models that I have worked with in person and via zoom.

I absolutely love my subject and know the possibilities of studies are endless.


I mostly work with charcoal, PanPastel and graphite - they are the mediums that chose me I think - I just love them. There are often times I will include watercolour and acrylic paints into my process too. (I have included a photo for reference of that).

The medium I choose will depend on the style I feel I wish to approach the work in. It will also depend on the overall feel I am trying to create.

For my super-realism work I mainly use charcoal which I apply using brushes, cottonwool and pencils. I make my own powder from compact charcoal for the darkest details and a graphite pencil for the lighter details. I use erasers often to bring out more detail and the brighter highlights.

My expressive line work is created from either vine charcoal, Lumograph Black pencils, graphite or a soft foam spatular and PanPastel - my favourite!