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Block printing

Archibald Binks


Denise Liebermann
"I love the challenge of bringing the unexpected to my art with the materials I use or the subjects I focus on. Making the unusual from everyday things with elements of humor where possible. I enjoy pushing artistic boundaries and those of other whilst teaching. i also look forward to bringing more awareness to the actual process of creating art and its many therapeutic benefits"

Wendi Weller
“My love of textiles and print has grown, over years of loving interior design: I create beautiful hand printed functional things for the home. The whole process excites me - from drawing a design, to carving a block and then printing that design onto linen – I am always surprised by the perfectly imperfect mark it produces! “


Denise Liebermann
I find inspiration everywhere and it’s forever moving – today the 1950’s, capturing fleeting memories of childhood, music, Stanley Spencer, Miro, so many fragments of so much all stored and waiting to reappear in wool, on canvas, in charcoal, in illustration
A mix of 2D and 3D, a humorous focus on nature and many of its wonderful living and breathing creatures – based on factual but with an element of the imagined, i.e. toy dogs on trollies, hares in cardigans and squirrels on skateboards. I love to explore the never-ending possibilities of nature, life and the living art.

Wendi Weller
Inspiration is everywhere - I work in my wonderful Eco studio in my garden and the nature around me provides such fantastic colour, shape and form. I am constantly inspired by the plants, flowers and wildlife which are constantly changing.
I am hugely influenced by travel and culture, from Turkish rugs, Indian textiles, architectural shapes and design to Moroccan tiles! I love to see the old traditions such as block printing that have existed for 100’s of years still being used.


Denise Liebermann
Sculpting woodland creatures and dogs in British wool using a single barbed needle. Many hours creating life like forms with a twist of humor
New work added to this year’s portfolio includes drawing and paintings using a multitude of mediums including tissue paper, inks, water colours, charcoal and pastels
Animals mainly dogs and once again a sprinkling of the same element of humor where possible.

Wendi Weller
I create block and screen print using my drawn designs. The design is then transferred and carved into a lino block. I will hand-print, sometimes using more than one block, I use permanent fabric paints and dyes to create the surface pattern.
I nearly always use linen as I love the ‘slubby’ texture and the way the design sits on the surface.
I create short runs of printed fabric usually with a specific project in mind
New work added to this year’s portfolio include mixed media drawings and paintings and limited edition prints – an exciting addition for 2020!


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All pictures gratefully reproduced by permission from Linda Scannell, 
Stefan Hanegraaf, David Fawbert, Theodora Philcox and Cat Hamilton.
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