Claire M Gilbert Jewellery Design





Watercast Silver Pendants and Earrings with Freshwater Cultured Pearls

Contemporary Sterling Silver Circle Set

Heavy Sterling Silver T-Bar Bangle


My mission is to design and create, from scratch, simple, stunning silver jewellery with an edge and at an affordable price.

I pride my work on each and every piece being unique, due to many organic elements to my techniques, such as my watercast and reticukated jewellery (see box 4) and I always strive for the highest quality in my work.

Every year I keep some timeless designs in my range as well as ensuring I have new creations and collections for my customers.

My vision is to grow my business via Etsy next year, whilst continuing to focus on my local stalls.


I found my passion for silversmithing after I gave up work to bring up my two babies back in 2010. I enrolled on a part-time silversmithing course at Mid-Warwckshire College, thinking it would provide a little break from nappies and playgroups. From my first class, I was absolutely hooked and over the next nine years, I developed my skills through college, books, internet, trial and error and determintation.

I live and breathe jewellery and find it so rewarding to think of a design, work out how best to create it and see the final result. It truly brings me so much pleasure. On the selling side, I love meeting new and returning customers and the atmosphere of festivals and markets.


I have my own home workshop from where I work during school hours.

I work with 925 sterling silver and 935 Argentium silver in sheet or wire form and using traditional silversmithing methods, I saw, solder, sand, hammer and polish the silver to create my designs.

I make my signature watercast silver jewellery by melting molten silver into cold water, which makes the most beautiful organic cups and shapes. I then solder bails or add pearls to finish my jewellery.

Other techniques I use to create unique jewellery include fusing silver wire to create a bark effect texture or reticulating silver (heating the piece several times) to create different effects.


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