Chris Taylor Enamel Art



Chris Taylor Enamel art




Whispers of silver

Lemon tree


My art can be used both inside and outside. I am trying to encourage people to use art outside and see by adding a focus point in the garden it can transform a space and draw you in.


Find inspiration from my surroundings, I started when living in the alps so many of my first designs were mountain based. but now more recently after moving to Stratford my inspiration come from nature and animals.


I fuse powdered glass onto copper tiles to make an image. Many of the designs are made using templates but others are freehand where I leave some of the copper exposed.


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All pictures gratefully reproduced by permission from Linda Scannell, 
Stefan Hanegraaf, David Fawbert, Theodora Philcox and Cat Hamilton.
All artists pictures © artists themselves

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