Cathy Renken and Neil Adcock





Cathy Renken Artist, Open Throttle Art

Cathy Renken-Sunkissed Island

Cathy Renken-Sunkissed Island

Cathy Renken- Coventry Cathedral at Dusk

Cathy Renken- Coventry Cathedral at Dusk

Cathy Renken- Alliums

Cathy Renken- Alliums


Neil Adcock -To create high quality, original artwork with automotive themes with the aim of bringing delight to owners, devotees and enthusiasts alike. To achieve this by accurately portraying the form, detail and artistry of vehicle design, and where composition allows, impart a sensation of speed.

Cathy Renken-My aim is to capture the beauty in the natural world. developing my own style of painting that captures the details whilst maintaining fluidity in my landscapes, seascapes, skies, natural rock formations and floral meadows. It is my aim to demonstrate my working style and inspire others at Art in the Park and in regular workshops. Future objective to incorporate stitching and textiles to my work and host a sole exhibition.


Neil Adcock -My key inspiration is the artistic design lines of the vehicles that form the subjects of my work, whether it is a vintage Le Mans racing car or a modern grand prix motorcycle. My second source of inspiration is movement, after all the primary purpose of these vehicles is movement, and for many, movement at speed. So I try to embrace that, and I enjoy the challenge of imparting a sense of movement yet retaining the detail that identifies the vehicle.

Cathy Renken -My work is inspired by a desire to show the beauty and the small details in what I see everyday in the landscapes, buildings and skies around me.


Neil Adcock- I paint with oils on canvas. I have worked with acrylic in the past, but I find that oils give me a greater opportunity to move the paint within the artwork achieving greater depth of texture and interaction with light. In addition, oil paints give a good level of clarity for the detail that I try and capture in my work.

Cathy Renken - My painting style uses thinly applied acrylic to linen canvases using a large brush to map out the light and shaded areas of colour first. Oil paint is then applied to create the textural areas and add finer details. Colours are carefully blended on a palette and applied using brushwork to develop my own interpretation of what I see.