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Childs Facepainting

Childs Facepainting

Natural and Organic Henna Cones handmade

Natural and Organic Henna Cones handmade

Fresh, Organic Henna Tattoo

Fresh, Organic Henna Tattoo


Aika Arts mission is to bring Henna Art to the mainstream Fine Arts and for it gain recognition as an Art form.

The vision is to give all communities inclusive of age, gender, and background to experience Henan Art and for it's skill to be learnt.


My inspiration for Art has been from a young age, where I enjoyed drawing and painting. I gained GCSE Art.

The passion of Henna has been one developed through the Indian/ Asian Culture where it is worn at weddings and festivals. My Nan was my first inspiration, as she use to adorn her hands with very simple Henna designs and make the Henna paste herself.

I am also inspired by my Guru ASH KUMAR who is a celebrity and famous Henna Artist world wide. He has taught me the skill of Henna Art.


My medium is Henna, which I design on people. I use natural and organic Henna only.

I also run Henna Art workshops, where the client receives a Henna kit and I do a demo.

I am also a Facepainter and Glitter tattooist.