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Highland Graze

Highland Graze

Summers Evening

Summers Evening

The Lone Tree

The Lone Tree


I’ve been Graphic Designer for over 35 years which I believe has provided me with an understanding and creative eye to identify an exceptional photograph from just a good picture.

I live with my wife and three children in an idyllic village on the Warwickshire border and accompanied by our three dogs you can often find us out walking along with my trusty Nikon cameral poised to capture the perfect shot.

After many years of family and friends encouraging me to sell my photography, I made the decision a few years ago to turn my love of photography into a small business. In doing so I am now in a position where I have a selective portfolio of beautiful images which I’d like to share.


My biggest inspiration is the natural beauty of nature and the magnificent countryside around me. Whether it’s a misty morning landscape or a close-up of the detail of frost on a post. Often, it’s the simplest of subjects. I love the way a photograph can capture the interplay of light and shadows.

As a photographer I feel it is my responsibility to capture some of the simple beauty that most people don’t seem to recognize. I believe photographs capture fleeting moments to enjoy forever and they tell a story by freezing time.


My core business is selling fully framed, ready to hang signed photography in various sizes in a choice of landscape and contemporary square formats in black and white solid wood frames. In my range I also have mounted prints, and blank greeting cards.

To diverse and grow the business I’ve released a new range of contemporary photo art mini sized frames and stunning coasters boxed in sets of 4 different designs.

Early this year I am intending to produce a series of photo art quality tea towels and tote bags also for purchase.