Flowerpot Mosaics



Pastel Chimney pot

Pastel Chimney pot

Contemporary Roman Urn

Contemporary Roman Urn

Spring Flower Bench

Spring Flower Bench


My mission is to share my love and passion for mosaics.
Mosaic art is a craft that is not commonly practised and I want to change that, to show how you can create something beautiful for your home or garden using all sorts of different materials.
I want to shatter the misconception that mosaic art is difficult. With the right tools, and knowledge of which adhesives to use, mosaicing is fun and so fulfilling.


My inspirations comes from the fact that I can look at something, and it doesn’t matter what it is, a flower, a teapot, anything really, and know I can replicate that using tiles, bits of old crockery and transform the image into something bright and lovely that can happily stay outside in your garden.
It’s not often you can create art that can be put outside in all weathers.
We all love to decorate rooms in our house but I am inspired to decorate outdoor spaces with colourful garden pots and wall art.


My medium consist of tiles, crockery, mirror, jewellery, stones, pebbles, glass, marble and smalti.
For an outdoor piece, I use terracotta pots or old chimney pots, glass tables and cement board.
For indoor pieces, anything can be mosaiced! Mostly I use wood and MDF, shaped into birds, hearts and squares.
I love using shiny new tiles, but I also love using old crockery that would normally be headed for the landfill.