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I want my art to leave an impression of warmth, happiness and joy when someone looks at it. I want my art to be reminiscent of childhood, innocence and fun.
I also have a vision that my art will one day teach others the importance of life, our planet, and everything/everyone who lives on it. I have a series of personal projects lined up to highlight the importance of the world, the effects that climate change have on our environment and how we as individuals can help. My goal is to help the environment as much as I can, and it would be a dream if my art could help that.
I am conscious of my carbon footprint, all of my sold work is packaged in biodegradable cornstarch, recycled card, and my t-shirts are made from organic cotton, and ethically sourced, although I am currently looking into ways of making from preowned t-shirts, to make mine and my customers carbon footprint even lower.


I am inspired by my love of animals and nature, the home comforts of my childhood, books and movies and video-games. Stories with interesting plots and characters that are unusual and imaginative. I have travelled a lot over the few years and I have taken a lot of inspiration from Icelandic folklore as well as Japanese storytelling. I also adore colour, I love experimenting with colour palettes and how they themselves can tell a story in my art.


I bring my art to life through painting, hand embroidery and working with clay.
My paintings are mostly mixed media as I will use a combination of watercolours, gouache, pencil crayons and oil pastels - they are all rich in colour and texture.
For my embroidery I use colourfast embroidery thread in bright colours, using different stitches to incorporate texture in my pieces.
For my clay work, I will use polymer clay, gouache and resin to give my clay friends a glossy finished look and feel.
Colour is very important to me, so before I create anything I think about how I want my art to make people feel and colour plays a very important part in this.


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All pictures gratefully reproduced by permission from Linda Scannell, 
Stefan Hanegraaf, David Fawbert, Theodora Philcox and Cat Hamilton.
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