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Jacky Fellows Printmaker








Coal Tit on Teabag


Mission and Vision

I am a printmaker and a mixed media artist exploring themes of time, memory, nostalgia and space. My practice is influenced by process and the materials I work with and is inspired by childhood memories, nature and the urban environment. My art is a record of time and place.

I love nothing better than to engage with people. I practice art in the community, delivering printmaking workshops for children and adults alike. I am a co-founder of Black Country Urban Sketchers, we draw on location, indoors or out, capturing what we see from direct observation. Our drawings tell the story of our surroundings, the places we live and where we travel, one sketch at a time.

I want to encourage and grow a network of community artists who are all working towards the goal of empowering people’s creativity.



I look for inspiration in nature or the ordinary, everyday environment My childhood landscape has changed; the scars of the Industrial Revolution have faded, replaced by manicured canal towpaths, reclaimed railway walks and mobile phone masts, the hallmarks of the leisure industry and the digital age. My Collagraphs are an artistic exploration of elements that have remained a constant in this ever-changing landscape. Nostalgia is a common phenomenon and a powerful emotion; My themes explore the potency of memory and examines how memory can be utilised for inspiration, or as a form of engagement.



Collagraph provides tremendous scope for innovation and experimentation…plates are built using a mountboard base which is carved into and the surface peeled back. Other materials are added to produce different marks, textures and tonal values. The plates themselves are a work of art. These plates are flooded with ink and wiped back. A traditional etching press is used to pull the prints.

Aluminium and Copper Plates

These are used to produce traditional etchings although I employ non-toxic methods rather than use traditional acids. I use a variety of methods to mark the plate including, Coffee Lift and Ink Ground resists before flooding the plates with ink, wiping back and printing on the press.

Chine Collé

I use a variety of delicate papers including rice, tissue and sheet music papers to bond them during printing to add colour and interest to my prints.

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